In denial of the premonitions of doom

The modern world is in crisis, and it is nearing it’s doom. This is a prominent narrative globally, believed albeit by a vast minority. This is obviously more of a first world problem, because at least in India, most people are concerned more about surviving their present, than they are imagining whether the future of humanity will be in a utopia or a dystopia. But still this discussion is important because the future affects us all.

I think the world is in serious trouble if it doesn’t change. Climate change and global warming, increasing natural disasters, increasing massacres, mass killings and shooting, rise of political distrust globally, recurring bubbles and market crashes, rise in unemployment, rise in refugees and immigration, rise in intolerance, rise in protectionism, rise in frustration and confusion among people especially and on and on. You can make a serious case for the claim that the end is near. Personally, I don’t believe that, but I do believe that if the modern way of life, society and economy continue the same, we may be heading into catastrophe.

A vast minority believes in the premonitions of doom, because the majority are in denial. I must confess that I don’t quite belong in this minority. I am naively optimistic about the future. I do think there are problems in the world, that could cripple us if not addressed. But I believe that people will rise up to change. I believe that a global society with incredible diversity and rich morality will be the utopia of tomorrow. At least, I hope it will be. And I don’t really want to see to the alternative, that darkness will engulf us, with unprecedented chaos and ruin, and death. I guess I am in denial of the premonitions of doom.


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